Fake it til you make it

One of the best aspects of my job is when I have a client how has a sudden windfall. Whether it's from an IPO or a surprise inheritance or even a legal settlement, I love to help people who just can't believe their luck!

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A reporter from the Wall Street Journal called me to discuss 'imposter syndrome'. At first, I thought this sounded silly - if you've had a windfall why would you spend a second feeling guilty or out-of-sorts about it? But, she's right...it is difficult for people to take action with their newfound wealth when they feel undeserving.

Allowing idle cash to accumulate without a plan is a sure fire way to lose money... inflation will continue to reduce the purchasing power of your cash and you'll miss out on the chance to grow your savings through thoughtful investment.

If you feel overwhelmed and out of your depths, partner with a financial planner to create an investment plan that addresses long-term goals such as saving for retirement as well as short-term needs such as paying off debt or going on a fantastic vacation.

Working with a professional financial planner will improve your confidence as you step into your newfound financial freedom with integrity and accountability.


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