Financial Planning to be Wealthy, what's it mean?

My first weekly allowance was 25 cent.

I’m Sarah and I get excited about money. I don’t get excited spending money or making more money. I get excited saving money and watching the savings grow. This is why financial planning is my career and my past time.

I’ve always been this way, starting when I was in kindergarten with my first weekly allowance (25 cents) and as I grew up, gained independence and began to understand the pull that money has on us - I knew I wanted to be free of it’s pull.

Sure, I want to be wealthy. And I want my clients to be wealthy. But what does “wealthy” mean?

To me, wealth is freedom. The freedom to do what you like, work in a job you enjoy, spend time with family and friends.

To have this freedom, you must first get informed, then pay attention and be diligent throughout your life.

My goal as a Financial Planner is to help my clients get informed and feel comfortable with their savings so they will have freedom, now and in the future. In short, I want my clients to be Wealthy.


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