How to Live in San Francisco

Expensive Views

It’s no surprise that San Francisco is one of the most expensive cities in the country - it’s a tiny peninsula crowded with fast-paced companies, flooded with venture capital, and little affordable housing for the variety of people that live here.

For me and for my clients, we’ve decided to make San Francisco our home. And a wonderful home it is! But it’s tough to manage all the moving parts without a solid financial plan.

Living in San Francisco shouldn’t mean you have to sacrifice retirement savings, ignore debt and postpone your life goals. Living in San Francisco requires diligence.

Start with a reasonable budget - create simple categories and document all the money you spend.




Retirement Savings

Debt Payments


Gym + Personal Care


Dining Out




Mint is my favorite expense management tool to help you get a handle on your spending. Once you know how much your spending, look for areas where you can cut costs - could you get by without a car? Do you really use the gym membership?

Keep an eye out for deals - San Francisco has loads of free events, free workout classes. Check SF FunCheap for upcoming cultural events and free workout meetups.

Moonlighting - if you’re still in a pinch, consider a second source of income. This could be waiting tables a couple nights each week, finding contract work on Upwork.

A financial plan will help inform you of where you stand so you can live in San Francisco with confidence, knowing you’re on the right track.


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