Same kind of different as Me

We are more alike than we know!

Everywhere I turn I see “Financial Planning for Gen X” and “What Baby Boomers need from their Advisor” and “10 ways to Help Millennials Save”.

It seems to me we are more alike than we are different. The assumption that Millennials spend frivolously, Gen Xers will never have enough saved for retirement and Baby Boomers are the greatest generation is nonsense.

Everyone in an individual. There are times when I’m impressed by the frugality of my peers who choose to ride the bus or bike instead of owning a car and blown away by the excess of an older set of parents who send their children to private school for K-12.

Despite technological revolutions and socioeconomic shifts, the basic truth of money remains the same. Spend less than you make and you’ll be okay.

Despite financial technologies that increase access to credit, rapidly process payments, ease bill pay, and provide visibility into our investments....we stand to learn a LOT from previous generations.

Living within your means is sage wisdom. The earlier you figure this out, the better.

With a simple financial plan, you can plot the course ahead with confidence. I work with clients to identify baseline income and expenses. Collaboratively, we identify financial goals and I make recommendations on saving and investing in order to reach these goals.

Straightforward. Simple. Done.


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