Financial Planning to be Wealthy, what's it mean?

Updated: Nov 30, 2018

I’m Sarah and I get excited about money. I don’t get excited spending money or making more money. I get excited saving money and watching the savings grow. This is why financial planning is my career and my past time.

I’ve always been this way, starting when I was in kindergarten with my first weekly allowance (25 cents) and as I grew up, gained independence and began to understand the pull that money has on us - I knew I wanted to be free of it’s pull.

Sure, I want to be wealthy. And I want my clients to be wealthy. But what does “wealthy” mean?

To me, wealth is freedom. The freedom to do what you like, work in a job you enjoy, spend time with family and friends.

To have this freedom, you must first get informed, then pay attention and be diligent throughout your life.

My first weekly allowance was 25 cent.

My goal as a Financial Planner is to help my clients get informed and feel comfortable with their savings so they will have freedom, now and in the future. In short, I want my clients to be Wealthy.


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