Bad at money

Finances can be stressful, we tend to put it off or avoid it all together.

It’s pretty common to feel like everyone else has it going on. You walk around your neighborhood, your office, your local park and feel like every other person has it all figured out. But this is a myth we tell ourselves.

When it comes to money - everyone is bad at money.

Professional athletes may be born with more endurance or height or strength that allows them to excel at sports. But finances are different, no one is born knowing how to budget, save and invest.

We must acquire our financial knowledge throughout our lives. It’s passed on to us by our parents, teachers and friends. We often learn the hard way through trial and error.

You shouldn’t feel sheepish if you don’t know that much about your finances. It’s okay!

Everyone has to start somewhere.

Begin by becoming proactive - monitor your spending with a tool such as Mint, then take the time to develop a financial plan with a trusted adviser.


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