The Cult of Frugality

Updated: Nov 30, 2018

Household debt reached a new peak of $13.3 trillion - that’s an increase of $454 billion from the previous year.

Having more time to spend with family and friends, a benefit of spending less time shopping!

Thrift and Minimalism have become a rising trend amongst millennials and older generations alike. Our consumption focused society provides very little incentive if you aren’t spending money. Between credit card offers, Instagram ads, and targeting marketing it’s hard to find a reprieve so it’s been exciting to discover a little corner of the internet that thrives on NOT spending money.

The Financially Independent Retire Early (FIRE) community has been growing for the past 10 years. This in combination with Marie Kondo, the Minimalists and Essentialism to name a few...have made saving money sexy.

When I’m not spending money, I find my quality of life is significantly higher. I have more free time, I’m less anxious, I have space in my closet and drawers, my home is less cluttered, and I feel more rested.

I recognize minimalism is a privilege I can afford, the joy of having less is secretly knowing you could have more and feeling like you’ve won because you opted out of the consumer chase.

So let’s not gloat, but let’s say Yes to being more present, resting more easily and giving back in the most meaningful ways we can - with our time.


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